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Hunan Green Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Green Star) is a company that provides full biodegradable materials, PLA products and system solutions, founded by a team of experts and Doctors from the Bio-materials Research Center of well-known university in China.

The products have excellent biodegradability and physical properties of the original polymer materials, which can replace ordinary petrochemical plastic products. The company constantly innovate and enrich its product series, which can be widely used in the packaging of agricultural, food, waste disposal, pharmaceutical, electrical appliances and daily necessities.

With the mission of "Help reducing global plastic pollution and promoting green development in the world", Our R & D team keeps constantly innovating and follow the production standards strictly. All of our products have passed the industrial compostable standards certified by European TUV and American BPI. Not only have superior performance, but also have unparalleled advantages in reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Our products have successfully entered the markets of China, USA, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, Finland, France, Brazil and other countries. The demand in overseas markets remains huge.