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Bio degradable and compostable material| PLA

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Poly Lactic Acid (hereinafter called PLA )is a new kind of biodegradable material. The raw material of PLA comes from the sugar in renewable plant resources (such as sugarcane, cassava, corn, etc.), which is fermented and extracted by microorganism to produce lactic acid. Polylactic acid has the basic characteristics of general polymer materials, which can be used for most synthetic plastics. It can be widely used in packaging, textile, pharmaceutical, agricultural, consumer goods market, etc.

Polylactic acid is a material with higher contact safety for food, because the monomer of polylactic acid is a food additive, also a biocompatible substance, which can be completely absorbed by human body through metabolism.The tableware made of PLA is safe and nontoxic, free of bisphenol A and plasticizer. It can be used in microwave oven instead of traditional melamine and petroleum based plastics.PLA has excellent biodegradability. It can be completely degraded by microorganism in the soil within one year after being abandoned, producing CO2 and water, without pollution to the environment. Truly "from nature, to nature"!

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