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Congratulation! Green Star Technology established

Time : 2023-07-01 Hits : 14

On 25th June, the inauguration ceremony of Green Star Technology Group Limited (referred to as Green Star Technology) was held. The Chairman of the Group, various shareholders attended the ceremony and delivered important speeches.

The meeting announced the establishment of the new company, updated the internal organisation of the company, issued a series of new policies. And the heads of the various departments were also appointed. Speeches were made by the various leaders accordingly.


At the same time, as the market environment continues to change, in order to adapt to the market environment development needs, so that the enterprise in the future to continue to maintain success and make breakthroughs, the company in last year ordered the coating equipment, also in the same day the official start, into production, in the future, Green Star Technology will continue to move forward with a new role.


Looking back, a piece of history, ordinary and passionate, is reflected in front of each of our eyes, bringing together a history of the development of Green Star Technology. Congratulations once again.

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