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Green Star 's new product is coming soon

Time : 2023-05-22 Hits : 2

We are proud and excited to announce that, thanks to the hard work of ourcolleague, our latest water-based barrier coating equipment has been installed and will soon be put into operation. When this equipment is put into production, it will greatly enhance the production capacity of Green Star Bio and enrich our product line.


Water-based coated paper uses environmentally friendly liquid barrier coating as raw material, and after professional machine processing to make this raw material evenly distributed on the surface of the paper, through spraying and drying steps, so that the paper can achieve the purpose of waterproof and oil-proof, water-based coated paper is generally used in the packaging industry, and can achieve re-pulp after use. This helps to achieve partial substitution of virgin pulp by paper mills and minimises the environmental impact of disposable paper packaging.


We continue to pioneer innovation in the packaging industry to help develop safe and sustainable solutions. Our R&D team also continues to develop new environmentally friendly products that seek to reduce the consumption of virgin pulp by paper mills. Sustainability is one of the key pillars of Green Star's strategy to achieve growth.

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