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Industrialization advantage of PLA

Time : 2022-08-25 Hits : 20

It has been 30 years since the development of Biodegradation Technology, but the proportion of production and application of biodegradation materials in the total amount of plastics is still very low. Polylactic acid (PLA), as the most mature, the largest production, the most widely used and the lowest price bio based plastics, is the most promising degradation material to shake the traditional status of petroleum based plastics in the future, and will become the main force of bio based plastics. At present, PLA plastic bags, tableware, golf nails and other products have been in circulation in the market and entered thousands of households.

From the perspective of the development of PLA industry at home and abroad, with the decrease of production cost and the improvement of performance, the market demand for PLA has increased sharply. Under the guidance of market, PLA has gradually expanded its application scope, which has penetrated into food packaging, medical materials, general plastics, man-made fibers and other fields, and has a growing trend.

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