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Water-based barrier paper launched at Green Star

Time : 2023-06-09 Hits : 7

According to data from a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the amount of plastic waste worldwide reached 353 million tonnes in 2019 alone, but only 9% of this plastic waste is recycled. After global warming caused by greenhouse gases, white pollution has become another urgent environmental problem to be solved.

At the recently concluded United Nations Environment Assembly, conference delegates from 175 countries adopted a resolution to end plastic pollution, with the goal of completing a legally binding international agreement to tackle plastic pollution control by the end of 2024.

Under the guidance of plastic restriction regulations and policies, plastic users from all walks of life have started to look for plastic reduction initiatives, especially in the catering industry and takeaway meals, merchants have started to turn their attention to the more environmentally friendly paper tableware, accelerating the "paper instead of plastic" era. The era of "paper instead of plastic" has begun.

In order to prevent oil and water, manufacturers will laminate PE film on the surface of the paper substrate or add water repellents, moisture repellents, oil repellents and other auxiliary agents to the pulp preparation process.

However, it is difficult to separate the PE film from the paper substrate, making it difficult to recycle the paper product. Water and oil repellents containing fluorine are a carcinogenic risk and restrictions on PFOS & PFOA are mandatory in Europe and the USA.

In order to remove fluorine, reduce the amount of auxiliary agents while improving the waterproof, oil-proof effect, but also to allow paper products to check the recyclable pulp,Green Star Biotechnology ( launched a plastic replacement, fluorine-free environmental protection coating solutions - "paper instead of plastic" water-based barrier coating, not only to take into account the performance of the original PE laminated paper, to achieve disposable paper packaging can be recycled and re-pulp At the same time, it achieves a breakthrough in application performance (water and oil resistance) and process performance (heat sealability and anti-stickiness).


It is not only a recyclable resource, but also the best choice to replace PE lamination in terms of system cost and performance, and will help the paper packaging industry to take the green road.

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