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Eco-friendly PLA coated paper for making soup cups

Eco-friendly PLA coated paper for making soup cups

  1. Key words:soup cups,Papersoupfan,compostablesoup cupsfan

  2. Coating material:PLA

  3. Compatible printing:off-set printing

  4. Weight:167~300g

  5. Pulp type:100% virgin wood pulp,bamboo pulp

  6. Paper type:craft paper,food grade paper

  7. Feature:Bio-degradable,waterproof,100% compostable,economic,eco-friendly

  8. Size:customized,cut in roll or in sheet

  9. Coating side:single/double

  10. .Usage:paper cup,paper bowl,paper plate,paper bucket,paper box

  11. Custom order:accept

  12. Color:at max 6 colors/customized13.Surface finish:film lamination14.Max width:<1000mm


1.It adopts wood pulp and bamboo pulp food grade base paper, which is smooth and delicate, with strong tensile force and high toughness

2.No wrinkle, no hair loss, uniform coating of the base paper, can protect the print head, good isolation effect, and oil and water droplets are not easy to penetrate.

3.High and low temperature resistance, the finished product can be heat sealed, and can also be used for automatic packaging

4.The plastic particles are coated on the paper surface through the casting machine to prevent water and oil.

5.The edges and corners are carefully processed,Strong durability.Paper size can be customized

6.Strict quality inspection and layered control

7.The color is beautiful and bright, and the color difference is small. It is comfortable to look at and use

Competitive Advantage:

1.Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of biodegradable material. It is made of starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn). It is coated on paper with 100% PLA raw materials without any additives and can be recycled. It comes from nature and belongs to nature.

2. It can play the role of waterproof, oil proof and heat insulation, and also has the characteristics of non-toxic and complete biodegradation.


Hot Drink Cup sizePaper suggested
3 oz(150~170gsm)+30g PLA
4 oz(160~180gsm)+30g PLA
6 oz(170~190gsm)+30g PLA
7 oz(190~210gsm)+30g PLA
9 oz(190~230gsm)+30g PLA
12 oz(210~250gsm)+30g PLA
Cold Drink cup sizePaper suggested
9 oz(190~230gsm)+30g PLA+15 PLA
12 oz(210~250gsm)+30g PLA+15 PLA
16 oz(230~260gsm)+30g PLA+15 PLA
22 oz(240~280gsm)+30g PLA+15 PLA
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Green Star
Model Number:LSD
Certification:EN13432,ASTM D6400,FSC,ISO
Minimum Order Quantity:3 MT
Packaging Details:Stack packed in carton
Delivery Time:3~4W
Payment Terms:PayPal,T/T,L/C
Supply Ability:800MT per month

Hot drink paper cup,cold drink paper cup

compostablesoup cupsfan


compostablesoup cupsfan


compostablesoup cupsfan


compostablesoup cupsfan

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