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Water based barrier coatings biodegradable material for paper cups

Water based barrier coatings biodegradable material for paper cups

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WBBC (Water Based Barrier Coating) is a green, plastic-free coating on the paper surface, which has high barrier properties, reduces the adhesion of water on the paper surface, and has strong hydrophobicity. It can replace laminated paper or plastic film and can be used in disposable packaging. The plastic-free coating does not contain plastic components and is biodegradable.



Four elements

  • Filler

It includes precipitated or ground calcium carbonate, kaolin or talc.

  • Additives

Additives improve the function and effectiveness of water based barrier coating paper.

  • Binders

The adhesive is a bio based or synthetic water dispersible emulsion.

Determines the effectiveness, quality and characteristics of water-based coated paper.

  • Water

Water has a specific ratio with other elements, which plays a crucial role in making the product effectively hydrophobic.

barrier coatings

No plastic

The application of plastic free coated paper can ensure that the environmentally friendly packaging of your favorite takeout food is truly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Reduce the use of pe coated paper

The plastic free paper cup is the same as the ordinary PE coated paper cup, and can be used in all the same occasions as the standard paper cup.

The process of producing them is still the same as that of ordinary PE coated paper cups. All paper cup manufacturers can produce plastic free paper cups.

Therefore, promoting the application of plastic free coated paper can reduce one-time packaging.


The plastic free coated paper is recyclable. The products applied to this product can be recycled for up to seven times, supporting the circular economy.

Plastic free paper cup and its compostability

We have carried out tests to ensure that they are compostable when thrown into nature, and authoritative reports have also confirmed that they are compostable, meeting the standards of ENA13432, ASDM D6400.

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Plastic free paper cup and its recyclability

The paper cup is made of raw wood fiber and other related chemicals, which usually makes the recycling technology easier and easier to complete the recycling process without any problems.

The new pulp can be easily recycled to other paper products, and even can be repulped seven times.



There are various uses of water-based barrier coating paper products, but it is mainly used in the food industry for making disposable food packaging.

Some of the most common applications are mentioned below:

Disposable paper cups

Ice cream boxes

Microwavable food packaging

Disposable folding box

Disposable food containers

Disposable food serving trays

Food wrappers

Disposable paper tableware

Paper pads

Disposable dairy packaging

Disposable meat packaging

Cheese packaging

Any other food packaging requirement that requires high oil and grease resistance properties



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