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Water based coating for paper

Water based coating for paper


WBBC (Water Based Barrier Coating) is a green, plastic-free coating of the paper surface that has high barrier properties,
reduces the adhesion of water to the paper surface and is highly hydrophobic.
The coating and the coated surface can be bonded together at a certain temperature, replacing laminated paper or plastic film,
and can be used for disposable packaging; The plastic-free coated paper coating contains no plastic and is degradable.

What are the advantages of plastic-free coated paper compared to conventional PE-coated paper in terms of recycling?

1: Infrastructure

PE-coated paper cannot be recycled with other paper products because the PE coating has to be separated from the paper before it can be recycled. However,
most recycling centres do not have the infrastructure to separate the coating from the paper. Moreover, the technology is specialised and expensive,
so it may not be affordable for other mills in different parts of the world.

2: PE raw materials

PE granules get stuck in the various filters of recycling plants and need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly to keep the machines running.
The cleaning process hinders the productivity of the plant as it has to be done manually in most cases.

3: High recycling costs

The cost of recycling coated paper products is high and it does not make sense to invest so much in recycled products compared to the value and cost of the raw material for coated paper pro
As a result, most recyclers do not have sufficient incentive to recycle coated paper products and landfill them instead. To solve all these problems related to the recycling of coated paper products,

WBBC was introduced, which does not need to be recycled in dedicated facilities. Instead, they can be recycled along with other paper products in recycling facilities around the world

They are also more sustainable, plastic-free and environmentally friendly than other coating materials.

All these advantages make WBBC one of the best and most environmentally friendly paper coating solutions.


There are various uses of water-based barrier coating paper products, but it is mainly used in the food industry for making disposable food packaging.

Some of the most common applications are mentioned below:

Disposable paper cups

Ice cream boxes

Microwavable food packaging

Disposable folding box

Disposable food containers

Disposable food serving trays

Food wrappers

Disposable paper tableware

Paper pads

Disposable dairy packaging

Disposable meat packaging

Cheese packaging

Any other food packaging requirement that requires high oil and grease resistance properties



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