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July 10,2023

Macau: Proposed ban on import of disposable non-degradable plastic plates and cups from next year

In order to further promote plastic restriction measures, the Macau government is gradually implementing a policy to control single-use plastic tableware in phases. On June 27, the director of Macau's Environmental Protection Bureau, Tam Vai Man, revealed in an interview that a study is underway to ban the import of single-use plastic plates and cups, as well as single-use styrofoam food trays from next year.

Macau has banned the import of non-degradable disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons from 1 January 2023; the import and transit of non-degradable disposable plastic catering straws and beverage stirrers from 1 January 2022; and the import and transit of disposable styrofoam tableware (including lunch boxes, bowls, cups and plates) from 1 January 2021.


Deadline for Canada's single-use plastic ban: December 20, 2023

Canada has developed final regulations that will ban the manufacture and import of any single-use plastic products, including plastic shopping bags, cutlery, food and beverage containers, ring trays, stir sticks, straws, etc. The sale of these products will be completely banned by the following year, December 20, 2023.


Costa Rica signs 'plastic ban', to be implemented in one year

The Costa Rican government signed a "plastic ban" on 12 April, banning the sale and free distribution of plastic bags and banning plastic straws altogether, which will come into force one year later.

It requires supermarkets and other commercial establishments to provide carrier bags with at least 50% recycled plastic or  biodegradable plastic  content; requires importers, manufacturers and distributors of single-use plastic bottles to produce or sell bottles with a certain percentage of recycled resin, and establishes a waste recycling mechanism; and prohibits all Costa Rican state institutions from purchasing tableware, food containers and other single-use plastic products.