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Green Star Technology's new friend - water-based coated paper

June 28,2023

In order to make life easier for mankind, paper products were invented, most of which are used in the packaging industry, which has greatly increased the convenience of life but has also caused a series of social problems, such as the consumption of raw materials and environmental pollution.

Governments around the world have introduced a variety of policies to address the environmental issues arising from the packaging industry.


In this context,  biodegradable/compostable products  have been created, such as PLA laminated paper, which means that these used paper products can be disposed of well, they will be landfilled and decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the organic matter in the soil and will not cause any major damage to the soil, thus curbing environmental pollution to a certain extent. However, this approach is based on the consumption of raw materials, which means that our planet's resources are still diminishing.


Initially, the original paper used by the packaging company was laminated paper (a composite material in which plastic particles are coated on the surface of the paper by means of a cast machine), the main feature being that this composite material is oil-resistant (relatively), water-resistant (relatively) and can be heat-laminated. This material is cheap and is one of the most widely used industrial papers, but this type of laminated paper cannot be degraded and is difficult to recycle, so it is gradually being replaced by new products, in which case water-based barrier coating paper is created.

Water-based coated paper is an industrial paper with a water-based barrier and functional coating sprayed on the surface of the paper to achieve water and oil repellency. It is a good eco-friendly material that can be recycled directly after use, causing no environmental pollution and reducing waste of resources. For users, water-based coated paper can be recycled and home composted, so you can dispose of them as you see fit.


Hunan Green Star Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is a provider of biodegradable materials, products and overall solutions, the company is actively committed to the research and development of biodegradable plastic technology and industrialization. We have a complete biodegradable plastic technology system, mastering the core technology in various fields including raw material development, modification, product production technology and special production equipment for product preparation, etc., and have obtained a number of patents.

Green Star's mission is to "reduce global plastic pollution and promote world peace and development". The paper rolls processed by Green Star Technology are used to make biodegradable paper cups and paper containers, and as of today, Green Star has supplied laminated paper to international brands such as Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and McDonald's.