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How YOU Can Reduce Pollution TODAY

July 24,2023

The harmful things that we do to our planet can be balanced, as long as we are willing to put in the work. It will not happen overnight. It takes strong kids like you to remind adults that years from now, you and your kids will still be here, and we need to take care of the planet for you. Check out this article about ways you can help reduce pollution in our world!

We need everyone to help reduce pollution in our world. We need efforts from students like you as well as large companies.

You can challenge today’s pollution problems by:

●reducing your use of water by turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth and taking shorter showers

●conserving energy by turning off the light in a room you are not using

●starting a garden to grow plants that will make the bees happy

●using reusable containers, bags, and silverware instead of single-use plastics

●minimizing food waste by only buying what you need and composting the scraps

●taking public transportation or carpooling with trusted friends and family when you can

●doing things that help the wildlife near you, like making a bird feeder

●collecting litter when you see it in a place it doesn’t belong, like a camp site or park

Large companies can challenge today’s pollution problems by:

●shifting to renewable energy like wind power and solar power

●driving fuel efficient cars or even electric cars

●recycling so we can cut down fewer trees for paper products

●using biodegradable materials for plastics and recycling plastics

●putting in safety practices to make sure runoff does not poison clean water sources

●reducing our usage of water and other precious resources

●planting trees and picking up litter

●changing our approach to farming by growing plants vertically, so less space is used while more produce can be grown

●cutting back on how much meat we eat by exploring different sources of protein

Hunan Green Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Green Star) is a company that provides full  biodegradable materials,  PLA products  and system solutions, founded by a team of experts and Doctors from the Bio-materials Research Center of well-known university in China.

The products have excellent biodegradability and physical properties of the original polymer materials, which can replace ordinary petrochemical plastic products. The company constantly innovate and enrich its product series, which can be widely used in the packaging of agricultural, food, waste disposal, pharmaceutical, electrical appliances and daily necessities.

Our biodegradable material is made of a new type of plant base material of polymer, and has no plasticizer. It is used to make shopping bags,garbage bags and dog poop bags. The use of biodegradable bags will not cause "white pollution". It is a substitute for traditional plastics. It has high toughness, is not easy to damp, is strong in load-bearing, is not easy to damage, and has a long shelf life, easy storage and other good performance.

As the years go by, the technology that makes these things possible only gets better and more reliable, and that’s not possible without scientists and engineers!