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Korean make-up brand with new PHA+PLA packaging from CJ Group in Korea, replacing ABS

January 11,2023

CJ CheilJedang Korea has announced that its subsidiary CJ Biomaterials, Inc.

has successfully developed cosmetic packaging for CJ Olive Young. The new cosmetic case, which uses a combination of CJ Biomaterials' amorphous PHA and polylactic acid (PLA) for the CJ Olive Young brand's make-up line, WAKEMAKE Moisture Velvet Matte Concealer Holographic Powder, was launched in Korea on 21 December and uses biodegradable materials throughout the outer container, with the exception of the inner container and mirror.


PLA has experienced significant growth as a bio-based material in a wide range of finished applications and is now the most widely used industrial compostable material in the world, but it has certain limitations. The addition of amorphous PHAs to PLA can significantly improve the mechanical properties of PLA, such as toughness and ductility, thereby improving impact resistance and creating elegant shapes. amorphous PHAs from CJ Biomaterials are softer, more rubbery PHAs with different performance characteristics to the crystalline or semi-crystalline forms that currently dominate the PHA market.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS) is currently used extensively in cosmetic containers, and several developed countries and leading cosmetic brands are actively working to replace this petroleum-based, non-biodegradable plastic. Applying 100% bio-based amorphous PHA and PLA materials to the entire exterior of WAKEMAKE containers replaces ABS.

 now is the right time to introduce a more environmentally friendly package.

This is an important milestone for CJ biomaterials and we anticipate a promising future for bio-based materials in FMCG applications," said Seung Jin Lee, Head of CJ CheilJedang's biomaterials business.

 The company hopes to promote the use of PHAs widely in various markets to meet the growing demand from brand owners and consumers."