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New study proves reusable packaging is economically viable at scale

August 07,2023

A new study from Zero Waste Europe and Searious Business demonstrates that reusable packaging is an economically viable alternative to single-use packaging when certain conditions are met.

Three open-loop packaging categories were investigated, using Spain, Italy, and Germany as archetype countries:

Food containers for takeaway food (PP);

Secondary transport packaging (FIBC);

Beverage containers (PET bottles).

The economic viability was based on return on investment for a reuse systems provider and the accumulated costs of single-use plastic packaging versus reusable plastic packaging for a system user.

The study found that:

Reusable takeaway food containers are cheaper for service users, and system providers achieve return on investment between years 3 and 4.

In secondary transport packaging, results show that the return on investment for a system provider is achieved between years 2 and 3, and the user costs are similar.

Reusable beverage containers are economically advantageous for the users, and the return on investment for system providers can be reached between years 5 and 6.

These results prove the business case for investing in reusable business models as a system provider, and that reuse will be profitable for all stakeholders in the longer term. Based on current regulatory developments in Europe, it is believed that the price for single-use packaging will increase, meaning reusable packaging will continue to gain economic advantage.

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