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What is PLA Film?

June 14,2023

This  fully compostable  material is a film made from corn. Once applied to any cardboard, recycled or not, from 8pts to 32pts, it create a suitable for freezer.barrier against grease, oils and even odor,

Approved FDA and CFIA this film is a must for a greener future.

When form into trays, It can easily replace a styrofoam, for grocery store, or restaurants.


We also can use this film in cosmetic packaging. By exemple, for soap boxes. Instead of print boxes on a poly-coated board, we can print on regular paper (or recycled) and then, once printed, apply our film, to create the aroma and oil barriers.


We even use this film for food packaging as a grease barrier. Its excellent barrier properties can also act as freshness barrier : Inside a salad box, once the bag is unsealed, the food stay fresh longer then regular boxes, due to the air barrier with the  PLA. Tests has been made and approved by our customers.


The money you save on cardboard can be reinvest in a PLA lamination. It help for the conservation of your product. Plus, you save time on reception of materials : PLA always in stock (or quick reception), no MOQ required, and, most important of all, you take an eco-friendly move, when you choose PLA.

Demand for this film is growing! Since 2010, we laminated over 8 millions sheets with this product.

Keep in mind that it is also suitable for freezer, so no need to buy special freezer or grease proof board.